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Berber Carpet
Berber Carpet

Builders Carpet
Builders Carpet

Carpet Tiles, Squares & Panels
All Weather Carpet Tiles
Multi Colored Loop Carpet Tiles
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Church Carpet
Church Carpet

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Glow in the Dark Carpet

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Gym Floor Carpet

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Woven Wilton Carpet

Our carpet prices are
50% to 70% below retail!

- Hospitality Carpet -

- Commercial Carpet -
Our specialty!
from very durable, but inexpensive,
level loop, to the finest plushes!

- Custom Contract Carpeting -
We will manufacture
to your specifications.

No job is too large!

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Multi-purpose Facility Floor Covering

To Order Free Carpet Samples or for Friendly, Helpful Service...
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Color 0112

Color 0114
Color 0117
Color 0119
Color 0124
Color 0128
Color 0130

Color 0301
Color 2206
Color 2302
Color 3405
Color 3406
Color 3413

Color 3424

Color 3431

Color 3432
Color 3433
Color 3438
Color 5076
Color 5077
Color 5078
Color 5079
Color 5444
Color 5445
Color 5446
Color 6377
Color 6584
Style: BCV Gym Floor 26
26 Ounce

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100% BCF Diatron® Nylon
Solution Dyed
1/10 Gauge
Woven Polypropylene Backing
10 Year Limited Wear Warranty
FHA Certified
12' Widths
Roll=+125'Continuous Filament Fiber
Anti-Static Protection
* All Colors Available on Unitary Backing.
Style: BCV Gym Floor 28
28 Ounce

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